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About Us

Missing Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization which intends to build a technology enabled platform to help parents locate their missing kids. Using artificial intelligence (AI), pictures of missing kids shall be matched with the ones posted by user community.

Our Motive

There is a constant fear among parents of young kids whether their children are safe while they are playing outside or in the park. There is no active medium which will help locate their kid if they go missing.

The online platform will help address above issue in the event of a mishap.

Our Focus

We are a highly populated country and sometimes we inadvertently ignore or don’t pay heed to issues that are happening right in our neighborhood. Missing kids situation is one of them. With images floating around social media, we know it’s happening every day.

Company Behind This

SubcoDevs has been in IT Consulting & Software Development business for over 3 years and the team feels that, the missing kids situation is a real life problem which has not been addressed by apt use of technology. It’s a growing concern for parents whether their kids are safe when they are playing outside. With technological advancements available today, we should leverage to address this problem.

Our Plans

We often see pictures of missing kids over social media and the best we do is to float the message around. Unfortunately, it adds the least value towards solving the real problem because human brain forgets the image in few minutes.

Even if a missing kid passes by us, we won’t be able to recognize him/her on the basis of the picture seen in the past. Our busy life makes it even harder.Tracking is another issue with this approach wherein we are not sure whether a kid is still missing or has already been found.

We notice two problems:

1. We can’t remember missing kid images floated over social media for long, even if we want to help with the situation.

2. Tracking of a missing child is next to impossible

The platform allows below solutions:
1. Parents can post pictures of missing kid under their online profile.
2. Pictures posted by user community shall constantly be compared to pictures shared by parents using Artificial Intelligence.
3. Once a match is available, it would be easy to track the child.


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